Learning about birding and observing birds has been a passion of mine for 14 years. I’d like to share what I’ve learned over the years to help you become a better birder. Hi, my name is Bo. I live in South Florida and have a beautiful wife and daughter who are not as excited about birds as I am. They love and tolerate me though…

Here at opticbird.com, I want to provide you with the best most current birding information available. Birding as a hobby is best described as a treasure hunt. Much like searching for that perfect fishing spot, or finding a classic car in an old barn, we love to seek and collect. Some may collect coins, stamps, paintings, watches, books, seashells, shoes or perhaps salt and pepper shakers, but most of us collect something. It’s like we’re compelled to do it.

Birders collect bird sightings, memories from birding trips, and a profound appreciation for nature and conservation. Birding as a hobby is relatively inexpensive. Sure there are 2000$ binoculars and 5000$ spotting scopes and super pricey cameras out there; however, they are totally unnecessary for 85% of birders. Sure some want the best of certain gear and that’s great. There’s certain birding equipment I only use the best of. The fact is, as it relates to other hobbies, birding is quite inexpensive and a wonderful complement to numerous outdoor hobbies.

Blogging Birder

At opticbird.com, as it relates to optics, I focus on recommending high-quality mid-range equipment that performs. I only recommend products I personally own and use with great results. Good results won’t do! I’ve made the mistakes of buying the wrong or cheap equipment. I can help you avoid these mistakes.

All you really need is a good pair of binoculars for bare bone birding. Some will want to venture further into the world of birds which includes other gear, like for hiking. Here at opticbird.com, I’ll recommend the best tried and true birding gear available. I know what works and I know what is a waste of money.

I want to offer you the best information and recommendations based on my birding experience.

See you down south in the Dry Tortugas for migration this fall!     Bo